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Why don't any of these files work?

They do work, but they're mainly for developers right now. If you are not a developer or do not know how to compile and do basic troubleshooting, don't use GIMP 0.99.x. If you do have a question and you are a developer, a good place to start would be the gimp-developers mailing list.

Why create a site for GIMP news?

Well, mainly because of the excitement that's starting to build around the soon-to-be-released GIMP 1.0. I don't mean to encourage people to use a developer's version if they're not ready (and believe me, I can't help people with problems compiling, etc.), but I think it'll be interesting to collect bits of GIMP info floating around and stick it where everyone can find it.

I love the mailing lists, but not everyone signs up there. I love IRC but not all the info on IRC gets shared with the mailing list. I love browsing around and finding people whom I've never heard of doing excellend GIMP work. What I aim to do is put all these diverse things in one place.

I'm also going to be doing new tutorials and other GIMP documentation projects. I hope to have enough time to work on all theses different projects and also keep up a good front in real life too. :)

How can I give you information for this site?

The easiest way is to email me your news and I'll put it up on my page and post it to gimp-announce. If you post it to any of the gimp-{announce,developer,user} lists I'll probably find it as well, although possibly not as quick.

Conventions used on this site

Bold Blue This denotes a headline.
Italic Used to refer to the literal name of a program, such as emboss.
Constant Bold Used to refer to a word that should be typed verbatim at the command line, such as this:
$ uname -a
Constant Italic Used to refer to a user-defined value to be typed at the command line, such as this:
$ ldd PLUGIN
Constant Width This denotes direct quotation. When used in an indented paragraph, indicates a block of quotation. Also used to represent verbatim text text output by a command or excerpted from a file.

To be honest, I'll mostly be using the headlines and quotes, but I thought I'd throw in the other bits to round out the table.

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