Editorial by Daniel Egger

As you may have seen, I recently brought a little bit of freshness into the GIMP community by speculating about some changes in GIMP development. The reasons for that can hardly be overseen:

My idea to circumvent these problems is to split off development from the official tree and to create a place where interested people and programmer can meet.

My homepage is just the beginning. At the moment it looks a bit strange I know but that will change with time being. You'll find there (http://members.tripod.de/gimp) my own tree which and a patch set against the latest official tree. Really soon this page will contain some further additions such as some new ideas by me (proposals to follow on the official mailinglists), some patches from ftp.gimp.org and of course bugfixes.

Anyone who feels able to provide some code (tested or not.... it doesn't matter), any new ideas, proposals or bugreports should feel free to contact me at Daniel.Egger@t-online.de.

I'm also in search for ftp and http space and a CVS server machine.

ed Feedback from this editorial has prompted me to write up a reply to some of Mr. Egger's points.


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