In 1998, a few people put together a slick GIMP 1.0 CD, and I still have my copy. Here's the directory listing. Click any of the photos below to get more detail.




I'm in the credits, at the bottom of the big gray background 0.

The poem reads:


she lived in layers
time showed no alpha
until a gimp in grey gave her
doses of sweet value

she got hoodooed, voodooed
she finally got displaced
she stirred huge pixels
with masks and channels and...

wilberdust, wilberdust!
hotchpotch for haunted lusts
wilberdust, wilberdust!
hotchpotch for the evil-eyed
wilberdust, wilberdust
hotchpotch for spellbound lusts
wilberdust, wilberdust!
hotchpotch for the demonized

she got voodooed, hoodooed
she got finally undone
she stirred huge layers
with gradients and patterns and...

she bred layers
she got blurred

(Anyone remember who wrote it?)


WilberWorks, Inc. was a company set up for GIMP support. After the domain lapsed originally, it was a porn site for a while. Now it's just a parked domain ad page.

Created 2007-07-29 by Zach Beane