Reaction to the movie box office charts

After I made the movie box office charts, there were a lot of visitors from various sites. I figured it would be interesting to chart the referring site patterns the same way I charted the movies. Here are statistics for the first 60 hours after the charts were first made public.

Box office chart reaction trends

Click the chart for a really big interactive breakdown.

Referers are categorized under the shortened domain name. For example, clicks from either Google Reader or Google search both show up under "". Clicks from or the programming subreddit both show up under "".

There are a few trends that I found interesting:

Getting Dugg (and Stumbled)

The movie charts got Dugg a few days after they made a minor dent on reddit. They hit the front page end wound up with over 800 diggs and 50 comments. I had to move some of the images to Amazon S3 to keep up with the demand.

While Digg had a huge bulge, I was surprised to see that StumbleUpon sent much more traffic than Digg over a longer period of time.

Below are the Reddit and Digg referral trend charts over 48 (different sets of) hours. Instead of the Titanic, Reddit is now the Deuce Bigelow, European Gigolo of linkers.

Click here for the detailed interactive breakdown

If you have any questions or comments about these charts, please let me know.

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