Subject: Re: "Nobel" in Economics
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: 1995/11/19
Message-ID: <>

[Vladimir Ivanovic]

|   It's technically not a Nobel Prize.


|   Only the five subjects specified in the will are.  Sort of like, "And
|   the Nobel Prize in Physics is awarded to .. ; and finally, the Foo
|   Nobel Institution awards its prize in Economics to ..."  (Clearly I
|   don't know the name of the organization.)

I wish more people would look things up in readily available reference
works before posting.  this has also been covered before.  (you're forgiven
for not reading all of this thread, though. :)

the World Almanac and Book of Facts 1995, lists the Nobel Prize Winners and
starts the section like this:

    Afred B. Nobel (1833-96), inventor of dynamite, bequeathed $9,000,000,
    the interest to be distributed yearly to those who had most benefited
    humankind in physics, chemistry, medicine-physiology, literature, and
    peace.  Prizes in these 5 areas were first awarded in 1901.  The first
    Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Science was awarded in 1969, funded by
    the central bank of Sweden.

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