Subject: Re: Lisp is alive, was "Re: Common LISP: The Next Generation"
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: 1996/09/21
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

[Cyber Surfer]

|   I agree that curiosity is vital, but there's a very short supply of it.

if you actually think this is true, it would explain why you have so many
problems as seem to have.  if there is _anything_ that can be used to sort
a programmer from your random joe, it is a monumentally higher level of
curiosity.  people who aren't curious _enough_ don't pursue programming.

|   BTW, the uk.comp.lang.lisp newsgroup may soon be removed, due to a lack
|   of posts for the last 3 months. <sigh>

I removed it from the Newsgroups line.

"Cyber Surfer" (what a moronic net name!), whatever your real persona is
like, please consider whether the only relevant issue in this world is
popularity.  please consider whether anything of importance is shared by
the masses.  start with your own personal convictions, ideas, likes and
dislikes.  would you _want_ them to be in the middle of mainstream?  take
political ideas -- would you want the political landscape to be _flat_?
take practical politics -- would you want the average joe to decide your
country's military strategy?

and please consider quitting that incessant whining of yours.  some of us
write ten times as many lines of Common Lisp code for every one of your
lines of posted whining.  if you don't hear about it, it may well be
because any serious Lisper is not interested in suffering your endless list
of "buts" and your incredible negativism.  maybe Lisp just isn't for you,
but by now it is bordering on the bloody obvious that it is not Lisp's
fault or even related to Lisp.

those who do not know Lisp are doomed to reimplement it