Subject: Re: Lisp versus C++ for AI. software
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: 1996/10/14
Message-ID: <>

[Rainer Joswig]

|   Well, I'm using XEmacs daily. It is my preferred editor on Unix
|   (maybe there is a version for Windows).

FWIW, GNU Emacs runs on Windows 95 and NT, too.

|   > Another big problem with Lisp is you can't make a small, stand-alone
|   > binary with it.  The smallest application you can build is usually
|   > about a megabyte.  Hard drives are so large now that this may finally
|   > not be such a problem anymore.  (I'm referring now to my experience
|   > with Common Lisp.  I'm sure Scheme systems can make smaller
|   > binaries.)
|   True.

but... Wade L. Hennessey's WCL uses shared libraries to produce very small
binaries (smaller than C++ with GCC).  granted, the shared libraries are
enormous, but enormous shared libraries don't stop people who use other
enormous shared libraries from pointing to their small, not-so-stand-alone
binaries and gloat.  with WCL, Common Lisp programmers can do the same if
they wish.  WCL runs on SPARCs with SunOS and Solaris.  it seems not to be
maintained.  <URL:>

I could tell you, but then I would have to reboot you.