Subject: Re: Lisp is not an interpreted language
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: 1996/11/12
Message-ID: <>

* Mukesh Prasad
| Yet Scheme is even now a "Lisp system"!

it's interesting to see just how little you know of what you speak.
Schemers call Scheme a Lisp system.  many Schemers become irate when you
try to tell them that Scheme is not a Lisp.

| Or on second thoughts, perhaps Lisp could become a Smalltalk like
| language -- a source of several ideas, instead of something in a limbo
| with always having a small but vocal minority needing to defend it by
| claiming it is not interpreted and such.

this "source of several ideas" thing has been an ongoing process since its
inception.  I'm surprised that you don't know this.  people learn from Lisp
(then go off to invent a new syntax) all the time, all over the place.

when I was only an egg, at least I knew it.  Mukesh Prasad may want to
investigate the option of _listening_ to those who know more than him,
instead of making a fool out of himself.

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