Subject: Re: Lisp is not an interpreted language
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: 1996/11/13
Message-ID: <>

* Mukesh Prasad
| > when I was only an egg, at least I knew it.  Mukesh Prasad may want to
| Hmmm... If you depend upon things you knew as an egg (i.e. never bothered
| to actualy learn,) no wonder you come out with the proclamations you do!

the expression "I am only an egg" refers to Robert A. Heinlein's legendary
"Stranger on a Strange Land".  so does the word "grok", which I assume is
even more unfamiliar to you, both as a concept and as a word.  it was first
published in 1961.  at that time I was _literally_ only an egg, but that is
not what the expression refers to.

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