Subject: Re: wretched C++ (Was: Ousterhout and Tcl lost the plot with latest paper)
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: 1997/04/23
Newsgroups: comp.lang.scheme,comp.lang.scheme.scsh,comp.lang.lisp,comp.lang.tcl,comp.lang.functional,comp.lang.c++,comp.lang.perl.misc,comp.lang.python,comp.lang.eiffel
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* Thant Tessman
| C++ is *full* of bullshit like this and I've spent way too much of my
| life fighting it.

it was C++ that finally made me realize that I should pursue Common Lisp as
my programming language of choice.  that was after I had written about 2000
lines of C++ code in a hacked-up language that I processed with Emacs Lisp
to reduce the phenomenal clutter and redundancy of C++.  my code was 600
lines in this proto-language, and 300 lines of Emacs Lisp.  I had
reinvented a tiny portion of CLOS.  if it were not for C++, it might have
taken more a little longer to get to Common Lisp.  my conclusion was that
"life is too long to know C++ well", and that in C++, "reinvention is its
own reward".

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