Subject: Re: help needed with Lambda-Calculus
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: 1997/07/13
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* M. J. Morley
| then the correct citation would help:
| H.P. Barendergt, "Functional Programming and Lambda Calculus", Chapter
| 7 of "Formal Models and Semantics", Vol B of J. van Leeuwen, editor,
| Handbook of Theoretical Science, Elsevier Science, 1990.
| one of the most useful books in computer science.

let me second that wholeheartedly.  both volumes, actually.  (available in
paperback at a small fraction of the cost of the hardcover edition.)

I found Barendregt's article in Handbook of Logic in Computer Science (a
series edited by Abramsky, Gabbay, and Maibaum), Volume 2, Background:
Computational Structures, entitled "Lambda Calculi with Types" to give a
better introduction to untyped lambda calculus and reduction.  YMMV.

in addition, if you can still obtain the following book, it's a big win:

H.P. Barendregt: The Lambda Calculus, Its Syntax and Semantics.  Volume 103
in Studies in Logic and the Foundations of Mathematics.  originally
published in 1981, the revised edition was published by North Holland in
1984, reprinted 1985.  ISBN 0-444-87508-5.

this is a very thorough introduction to Lambda Calculus.

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