Subject: Re: Better Dylan syntax?
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: 1997/09/02
Newsgroups: comp.lang.dylan,comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* Martin Rodgers
| I've just been speaking to Erik by phone, and he tried the same 
| tactic. Unfortunately, I indulged him, and then we ran out of time. I 
| was hoping to dicuss syntax etc, but no matter. There's very little 
| worth saying, really. After all, it has already been said.
| As for Erik's flaming...We didn't have time to discuss that, either.

you know, for a person who professes not to talk about people but about so
and so random and irrelevant issue, you have a bizarre hangup with
discussing those people who _reject_ your pathetic attempts at "contact".

the first thing I told you in your unsolicted, unwanted phone call was that
it wasn't a good time to call because I had a friend coming over and had to
clean up a little first.  I had to tell you that I had to hang up because
of my invited guest _five_times_ and you still kept talking and talking and
I had no option but to hang up on you.  I keep the phone number in the
Organization header and on my home page and stuff like that because I want
to give people I'd like to talk to a chance to reach me.  I do _not_ keep
it there to invite stalkers and pathetic wannabes a chance to annoy me.

I also seem to remember you telling me that you had lots of people who
agreed with you and me encouraging you to talk to them instead of bothering
_me_ all the time.

and we didn't run out of time, you pathetic liar, _you_ had no time to run
out of to begin with since you were going on overtime from the very start.
yes, I have blocked your e-mail with the same software that blocks equally
undesired unsolicited commercial e-mail, but you keep mailing me from other
addresses, flat out refusing to take a hint.  how many ways and how many
times do I need to tell you that I DO NOT WANT TO COMMUNICATE WITH YOU.  I
thought I had made this exceptionally clear, but when I don't want to talk
to you, you take this public with despicable lies about what you did.  this
is _unbelievably_ tasteless.  I cannot fathom what you think you can gain
from me that you want so badly as to attempt to extort it from me with this
abominable form of blackmail that you engage in.

GO AWAY, Martin Rodgers!

404 You're better off without that file.  Trust me.