Subject: Re: Q: Introductory material?
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: 1997/09/25
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* Holger Schauer
| If Emacs is your Lisp-Editor-of-Choice you should also have a look at
| where you can
| find hyperspec.el which provides an easy access to the HyperSpec (both
| the "normal" online version at Harlequin and to an off-line version
| saved some where on your disk).
| (Hmm, can't remember if it works with XEmacs only... check it yourself.)

the version by Richard Carney looks very suspiciously like a reworked
version of the hyperspec.el I wrote a while ago, sans copyright notice or
credits, but with many full sentences and Lisp forms identical to mine.
hmmmm, indeed.

anyway, my old version (first published 1997-03-17) works in 19.34, but
required the Franz, Inc, `fi' package to work.  the new version works in a
standard Emacs, has completion on Lisp symbols, a history of lookups, it
works better with your favorite browser, but is probably dependent on Emacs
20 features -- I haven't tested with 19.34.  I also haven't had time to
write up a web page for it, but retrieve the following files (they are
marked as application/octet-stream by my HTTPD server, so they should be
saved to file immediately):

thanks for the interest.

if you think this year is "97", _you_ are not "year 2000 compliant".

see for Emacs-20-related material.