Subject: Re: COMPLEMENT and -IF-NOT functions
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: 1998/01/28
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* Pierpaolo Bernardi
| Why do you give references that people cannot use in the first place?

  that's the question that was on my mind when I replied to you, actually.

  I regret that you didn't understand from my reply that "check the FM" is
  useless, got somewhat embarrassed by your non-reference, and rushed to
  fix it with a precise, useful reference.  you see, it is amazing that
  anybody can even have the _gall_ to say "check the FM" with respect to a
  document this big, but you seem to continue to think it's perfectly OK
  and that my _precise_ reference is _worse_ than your useless piece of
  arrogant drivel.  I find this moderately amusing.

  the reference I provided _is_ useful to anybody who actually _has_ a copy
  of the standard ("the FM").  I wanted to find out: (1) did you have a
  copy, or where you just blowing hot air?  (2) would you provide a useful
  reference to your own "check the FM" uselessness, or would you get really
  pissed because you were just blowing hot air and were exposed as such?

  I conclude that you were just blowing hot air.

| Sorry.  I'm no interested in talking with you.

  my loss, I'm sure.

I believe in life after Year 2000, four-digit years, and 24-hour clocks.  I
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a monotonically increasing number of milliseconds as the only internal time
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