Subject: Re: ACL, CLISP and pathnames
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: 1998/05/12
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* Sam Steingold
| E.g., CLISP has :key in reduce and ACL doesn't (I do have the fix,
| thanks).

  criminy!  are you still carping on that?  it's been fixed!  how many
  times do I have to _tell_ you this?  if you were a paying customer, you
  would get the patch that implements :KEY to REDUCE.  Franz Inc responded
  to my actual need for it _promptly_.  the patch is available for all
  supported platforms for Allegro CL version 4.3.1:

patch0306-01.fasl : Implements the :key argument to reduce

  since you're using the _expressly_unsupported_ Allegro CL version 4.3 for
  Linux, _why_ do you keep _lying_ about the standard, supported version?
  and _how_long_ are you going to keep lying about it?  if you _want_ the
  patch for the Linux version, pay for the support and you'll get it.

| BTW, you don't have to be so abusive.  Relax.

  there's something you can do, too, you know.  you can stop lying about
  problems that have been solved, for one thing.

| What other conformance issues do you want to be addressed?

  all of them.  e.g., I _need_ the UPDATE-INSTANCE-FOR-REDEFINED-CLASS
  protocol in my CLOS applications, to take one _serious_ issue.

| Are you suggesting that I do
| (defmethod print-object ((path pathname) stream)
|   (format stream "#p\"~a\"" path)) ; doesn't work
| or something like this? 

  yes, but there's a little more to implementing PRINT-OBJECT method than
  that, like obeying a lot of printer control variables.  I have written a
  new PRINT-OBJECT on SYMBOL to make Allegro CL work right while waiting
  for the real fix in ACL 5.0 (see?  I can wait for fixes, too, but I do
  something about the problems in the meantime, I don't complain for months
  on end to newsgroups and public fora), and it was lot of work, but it
  _is_ eminintly possible to fix such things.  you figure out what you need
  in CLISP, though, since you want to use CLISP.  I sure don't.

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