Subject: Re: Harlequin vs. Allegro
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: 1998/06/28
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* Erik Naggum
| you buy from somebody else.  just how hard can it be to grasp this?

* Christopher B. Browne
| It may not be that simple.

  well, yes, it always is that simple.  it's called "acting on principle".

| The same can be true in business when power in the marketplace
| concentrates into relatively few hands.  I can despise Microsoft; that
| does not necessarily leave me with alternatives when the "witless cattle"
| that decide to market products decide that M$ is the only platform
| they'll support.

  have you really _needed_ a piece of software that runs only on Microsoft?

  I have never seen _anything_ published solely in the Windows market that
  had me go "wow!  that software really _would_ make my life easier!  how I
  wish I had a PC with Windows!".  supposing I already had invested in a PC
  with Windows, what would I _want_ to buy for it, except various idiot
  tools to help me survive the many inherent limitations of the system and
  make it more like a real computer, which by the time I had got all the
  crappy add-ons, I could get for less money?  never has any Microsoft
  victim been able to show me anything they do on their PC's that I cannot
  do at least as well on my SPARCstation, and usually faster even the first
  time -- of tasks that _matter_, that is.  entertainment is something else.

  if you are into selling cheap goods that nobody needs to millions of
  bored people who crave entertainment, choose Microsoft and make lots of
  money.  if you think mass marketing is a serious liability, like I do
  ("if it's acceptable to the large fraction of the population that base
  their buying decisions on TV commercials, how could it possibly be good
  enough for me?"), avoid them entirely, because the Microsoft world has
  _nothing_ to offer anyone except ubiquity at this time.
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