Subject: Re: Customize Emacs Lisp reader?
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: 1998/07/28
Message-ID: <>

* Kai Grossjohann
| Is it possible to customize the Emacs Lisp reader such that it is able
| to read sexes containing stuff like this?

  yes.  the Emacs Lisp reader defers to the value LOAD-READ-FUNCTION, if
  that is non-NIL, from the functions LOAD and EVAL-REGION.  this has been
  used (or abused) to hack a Common Lisp reader for Emacs, but right now I
  can't find that package.  anyway, the package "eval-reg" (distributed
  with Emacs) replaces a few functions with new versions that allow
  customization to the Emacs Lisp reader.  it may be worth a shot.

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