Subject: Re: Filk, puns, and other time wasting.
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: 1998/10/26
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* (Georg Bauer)
| Where did I say that one shouldn't give credits to the author? I
| explicitly said that you should give credits to the author. The only
| thing is, I don't think that _copyright_ issues do apply in this
| scenario. It's more a problem of good behaviour than law and order.

  why did you skip the part of my reply that was relevant to copyright?
  did I ask too hard questions for your comfortably non-commital stance?

| If you have a problem with the above, you shouldn't contribute to Usenet
| at all - actually it is quite common to cite small snippets of
| Usenet-postings in one's .sig.  And everybody who replies to a posting
| usually quotes a part of the original.  As I do abovce.  BTW: as you
| might see, I give full credit to you for what you wrote.

  I once heard a phrase for this kind of bullshit argumentation: knocking
  down strawman arguments.  you should try to understand what people tell
  you, and then argue against that, not pretend they said what you would
  _like_ to argue against, and then argue against that.

  I appreciate the credit, but that really isn't the issue.  the issue is:
  "who gets to decide whether my work is mine?"  you fail to answer this,
  which I must admit I expected.

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