Subject: Re: Filk, puns, and other time wasting.
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: 1998/10/27
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* (Georg Bauer)
| If you had something like humor (or at least would understand the concept
| of it, if you even don't share it), youre comments might sometimes not be
| so totally off-road as they sometimes are.

  so first my signature is not creative work and now it isn't even humor?
  why prove that you are indeed a moron?  I would have thought it better to
  try to refute my accusation than to prove it.

| But then - it is far easier to let off steam.

  then why did you think what you did was humor to begin with, when it is
  obvious that you were letting off steam in completely random directions?

  this would have worked to refute my accusation, and made it a _little_
  harder for me to use the same accusation against the next fucking moron
  to rear his ugly humor:

    "it was admittedly a cheap shot.  I'm sorry it offended you."

  but thanks to your pathetic retort, I can once again claim accuracy in
  identifying the morons walking among the rest of us.  thanks.

  until next time, spend some time trying to understand the concept of
  copyright and infringement suits, will you?  that's what this was about
  before you came along, anyway.  you see, _I_ cannot sue _you_ for your
  violation of _Rob_Warnock's_ copyright in anything, and since he's the
  one you replied to, your attempt at humor was only amazingly stupid, and
  we got a very unwelcome snapshot of your brain at work.

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