Subject: Re: help!  absolute beginner
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: 1998/12/07
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* "Zachary Turner" <>
| Judging by your other posts to this NG it seems like you want to come
| across as the allmighty Lisp programmer who knows all, but you were just
| a baby wearing a diaper sucking out of a bottle at one point too.

  newsgroups are not the proper place to discuss your personal problems,
  and especially not projecting them onto others in pathetic desperation.

| So does that mean that you deserved to be treated differently than
| someone who had been programming in Lisp longer than you?

  I do my homework and work hard to be competent in what I do.  that
  generally _does_ have a positive effect on other competent people,
  actually no matter what they are competent in.  I assume you wouldn't
  know what I'm talking about.

| You'll probably say yes for argument's sake but the _correct_ answer is
| no.

  OK, I won't confuse your mind with facts.  it would probably hurt a lot.

| The bottom line is that you have no idea how serious I am about all my
| motives behind purchasing a commercial Lisp implementation.

  I never claimed to have.  I'm sorry that you have this personal problem
  that you have to take out on me, but if you could please go back and read
  what I wrote and stop imputing all sorts of insanities to me just because
  _you_ would think that way, maybe you'll figure out something important.

| So please, don't presume to make claims about the validity of my
| complaints, because they were very valid complaints.

  sure.  in the context of your personally experience, but not universally.
  since you seem to be the kind of guy who makes universal claims out of
  your personal experience, I assume you won't grasp the difference nor the
  fact that your fucking stupid "allmighty" crap should tell everybody that
  they should stay _far_ away from you.

| I have been contacted by two different people from Franz, Inc. both of
| whom have been extremely helpful.  And the bottom line still remains that
| if they weren't selling licenses they wouldn't be in business.  That's
| generally how it works.  Whether I want to buy 1 license or 100 licenses
| doesn't change the situation any.  I'm still trying to give them money.

  I wouldn't sell anything to you.  nor do I think anybody else should.

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