Subject: Re: Logical pathname hosts.
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: 1998/12/25
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* Sam Steingold <>
| that's not usenet-specific but rather Naggum-specific.

  it's phenomenally tragic that you have had nobody to raise you and teach
  you that when you get hit, it _might_ have something to do with your own
  behavior and that it _may_ be avoided in the future by changing the way
  that you _interact_ (note: that's the key) with other people.  and just
  because you only see harsh reactions doesn't mean that you would continue
  to see harsh reactions if you pulled yourself together.  I would even
  applaud it if you came back with something reasonably smart.  try it, and
  you'll see, but I bet you have already made up your mind that if I
  approve of something you do, you should stop doing it, and go back to
  what I disapprove of, instead.  I've seen a few people as stupid as you
  before, and they rebel against anyone who tries to reprimand them, just
  like kids who never had the option of rebelling against their parents.

  you're the singularly least competent person who keeps posting his drivel
  to newsgroups I frequent, and you make the worst unfounded assumptions of
  any I come across at the moment.  "`read-sequence' is under-specified" my
  butt.  of course, you don't realize that you could stop and _think_ and
  start to separate what you _know_ from what you _guess_ and perhaps learn
  to make assumptions based on what you know instead of basing them on your
  guesses and other assumptions.  first-order assumptions are good; higher-
  order assumptions whose lower-order assumptions go unchecked are really
  bad for the state of your mind and your future ability to know anything.
  what annoys me so much about you in particular is that you don't seem to
  have any knowledge at all, it's all just a bundle of unchecked, random
  guesswork, from which some stupid question emanates that _has_ no answer,
  because any answer you got wouldn't connect to anything else (as answers
  you do get do in fact not connect), so you're almost a perfect specimen
  of the completely hopeless.

  but to continue your initial assumption above, if what you observe is not
  usenet-specific, it is steingold-naggum-specific.  stop guessing and
  start using your brain, and you'll see a difference.  if you want it, of
  course.  I somehow think you _like_ this interaction because it provides
  you with a sense of security and predictablity, which you wouldn't have
  if you tried to be smart.  prove me wrong.  I actually think you can.
  Nie wieder KrF!  Nie wieder KrF!  Nie wieder KrF!  Nie wieder KrF!