Subject: Re: hashtable w/o keys stored...
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: 1999/01/16
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* Barry Margolin <>
| What I see there is someone making a realization about the language, and
| relating it to what he already knows.  A light bulb went off above his
| head, he learned something.  This is something to be applauded!  But even
| when someone demonstrates that they're starting to "get it" you knock
| them down because they have the nerve to use another language's
| terminology in describing it.

  you're amazingly forgiving with everybody else, Barry.  I wonder what's
  _really_ your concern with your incredible insistence on projecting
  evilness that isn't there onto me all the time.  again, it seems like a
  mission from a God to strike blindly at whatever looks bad, never mind
  what it is.  this time, you make another one of your amazingly stupid
  generalizations.  I guess either people are bad or they are good in your
  eyes, and you'll do _everything_ to maintain your mental images: since
  I'm bad in your eyes, you see nothing but the bad you want to see, and
  since doofuses are good, you see nothing but the good you want to see.
  I'm trying _real_ hard to figure you out.  it isn't easy.  every time I
  think I have something, you do something amazingly contradictory, like
  this time, when you suddenly switch from your modus operandi of using the
  past to attack me ever more forcefully, to arguing that _threads_ are to
  be kept _entirely_ separate, obviously because that serves your need
  right now, but still.  the constant element appears to be to attack me
  and defend doofuses, no matter what anybody actually _does_.

  here's what I wrote, to refresh your memory:

  | I guess this is how all methods in CLOS are virtual.

    you're being carelessly lazy, yet you don't appear to see it. ...

  what's the context here?  I had already talked about constructive vs
  careless lazy, and he's made a point out of being the laziest programmer
  he knows.  you wish to see a light bulb that isn't there, I see another
  carelessness.  I want hard evidence that somebody has stopped doing stuff
  I have already pointed out.  you'll settle for a vision.  yet, when it
  comes to judging me, you'll also settle for a vision of something you
  don't like, and proceed without caution.

| If you can't even keep straight what you're flaming about, maybe you
| should slow down a bit.

  I'm sorry I was tricked by your sudden switch to keep the contexts of
  separate threads separate, because you have never done so before.  you
  see, there is nothing in what you write to make anyone realize you are
  such a champion of suspending all knowledge from previous threads (or
  languages) and behave as if every thread (or language) is new, at least
  until you know that you can compare them.  it has indeed appeared as
  though you think it is morally right to maintain a strong memory of other
  threads (or experiences in general) when you react to what _I_ do.  it
  is manifestly _not_ enough to start a new thread for you to treat me
  differently, and it is manifestly _not_ enough for you to limit yourself
  to what you see -- your _insistence_ on vile generalizations about my
  character is the only thing that is unchanging about what you write in
  our exchanges.  what's a man to beleive about you?

  when you want to, however, it is obviously your right to change your
  attitude _completely_ and do what I have suggested about learning stuff,
  which you have consistently refused to listen to and have ridiculed on
  many an occasion: judge something for what it is there and then, instead
  of remembering the invalid past.  you have previously been so strongly
  opposed to the very concept of delaying judgment that one must wonder
  what has suddenly possessed you.  perhaps what I have asked you to do for
  the longest time only suddenly appeared to be the best option to attack
  me, and so you used it, without even realizing what you were getting
  yourself into.  you have been the strongest champion of remembering the
  invalid past so long it's going to take me a while to really believe that
  you have finally turned around and see the value of suspending memory to
  better learn something that differs from the past.  so far, it has seemed
  that what you have really been after is attacking me, not for what I do,
  but for who you want to portray me as being.  that has pissed me off.

  I'm not ready to believe there's a light bulb over your head, though --
  this experience appears more to contradict your actual position than to
  be an instance of learning.  I'd like some hard evidence that you will
  stop using your mental image and your incredibly persistent willingness
  to portray the evilness you somehow need to think I possess onto me and
  indeed do as you strongly imply is now the _only_ good thing: keep the
  threads separate.

  however, I don't react to anything you don't do, so if you manage to keep
  your threads separate and your willingness to generalize about me in
  check, _I_ have no reason to remember your disgusting moralization and
  hypocritical, self-contradictory behavioral patterns and self-serving
  reversals of your positions.  I let stuff be until it comes up again.