Subject: Re: Barriers to Lisp acceptance - a "survey" question
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: 1999/03/05
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* Kelly Murray <kem@IntelliMarket.Com>
| Looks can be deceptive.  One can't define their own stream class and
| standard stream methods that will be called by the lisp when it does
| I/O.  Of particular grief is that #'format can't be called with such a
| stream.  Or am I just confused and haven't read the manual?

  yes, you are seriously confused and you spread lies and confusion to
  others, as well.  what you're doing should be illegal.  it may well be.

  I do what you say is impossible in a production system.

| How about this simple CLOS test to add another slot to an existing
| stream.  It generates an infinite loop, and quickly kills off the lisp
| entirely.  Should I file a bug report, or
| 	   ((myslot)))
| USER(6): (setf x (change-class *standard-output* 'mystream))
| #<MYSTREAM [initial terminal io] fd 0/1 @ #x200061d2>gc: done
| gc: done
| <<<lisp dies>>>>

  I just tried this in both 4.3.1 on SPARC and 5.0 on Intel/Linux, and
  _nothing_ unexpected happened.

  I sincerely think you should stop doing something that clearly creates so
  many problems for yourself.  instead of being fun and profitable, Common
  Lisp is hurtful to you.  go do something else and make yourself happy.