Subject: Re: Reviews for lisp implementations
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: 1999/04/15
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* Arthur Lemmens <>
| Would you care to explain?  I would think that price is just about the
| only thing you can  compare without the risk of giving "misimpressions".

  there are all sorts of pricing policies around, depending on who you are
  (student, commercial, educational), where you are (United States, Europe,
  Asia), how much you want to buy (trial, student, professional, enterprise
  edition), etc, etc.  it's actually difficult to compare the price that
  you would have to pay unless you're the person buying something and in
  position to weigh alternatives.  for instance, one might find that some
  add-on product is not worth the price from one vendor and roll your own,
  while from another vendor the price is acceptable.  the result may be
  that the former costs less from the vendor than the latter, but more
  after life-cycle costs for the new code are accounted for, but not with
  the initial prices, only.  stuff like this is why large companies have
  acquisitions departments who work like hell to get good package deals.

| But it  _does_ know something about Latin 1:
| CL-USER 17 > (code-char #xF0)
| #\ð
| CL-USER 18 > (char-upcase *)
| #\Ð

  good.  Allegro CL does this correctly only with my personal fixes.
  (which, incidentally, supports the entire ISO 8859 family, one by one,
  once properly invoked.)

| E.g., if I had sent my remarks privately, I wouldn't have learnt from
| you that Franz has an international version of Allegro CL.

  valid point.  however, it would have been prudent to ask Franz Inc if you
  tried to write a fair comparison.

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