Subject: Re: Indentation (please stop)
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: 1999/07/01
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* Josef Eschgfaeller <>
| I find this not correct. I did at most propose a different point
| of view, I did not defend it so exaggeratedly, and some of you guys
| attack me in this way and speak of choice and freedom of expression.
| Was it not you who wrote me last week "I believe education about Lisp
| is the most important thing we can do at this time, and hope your
| course goes well."?

  this is actually quite interesting.  not only is this guy posting from
  Italy, he's from outer space.  I just _knew_ it was a bad idea to send
  Lisp into space.

  here on earth, we appreciate the opportunity to criticize people's
  actions and have this naïve idea that to err is human, which means that
  even at the time the action indeed WAS the best thing to do, that quality
  might not have been fully established from the available information, or
  some vital information might have been missing, or, as might readily
  happen, the person was not entirely focused on the particular task at
  hand and slipped up.  none of these faults are personality disorders in
  humans -- it's how we normally think and act and respond to others.  part
  of the idea is to present views and positions to others and then actually
  accept input and more information, even if we think we are right to begin
  with.  so if you have been unable to convince humans, it might just be
  that you have not yet discovered that earthlings are more flawed in this
  regard than members of your own alien species.

| You like it to contradict yourself.  If you look a little better at my
| earth-shaking 3 lines, you would discover that there is some system.

  you really are visiting this planet only to destabilize the Lisp world,
  aren't you, and quite literally so, too?  this is what we humans call a
  Freudian slip, named after another nutty guy who might as well have come
  from outer space himself, considering HIS weird fixation with particular
  properties of human behavior, too.

| I learnt those "> " prefixes on Fidonet - a good school in civilised
| written remote distance communication.

  and this just goes to show that we just gotta be more careful what we
  send out into space via those satellites.  I'll bet they get all confused
  about who the aliens are in 3rd Rock from the Sun, too.  damn!

| Not so sure.  Read Kant or Cicero or Defoe, and you will find quite long
| sentences.  It's training.  Today young people don't read much and think
| that a sentence of three lines is a long one.

  again, Hollywood and mass marketing and television commercials are not
  what this planet is about.  I'm sorry about sending the wrong signals to
  your planet, but here on earth, only a tiny minority of young people are
  similar to what the adults think they look like.  maybe the people who
  make TV shows for dumb kids are also from outer space.  it would explain
  an awful lot.

| But I know such stuff by myself, don't you believe that?  How do you know
| that I never thought about such things?

  I sympathize.  it must be awful to watch us limited humans react only to
  what you write and not what _you_ know is communicated to the entire
  galaxy from your telepathic superbrain.  we're _ages_ away from actually
  developing telepathy, you see, so we limit our reactions to what people
  do and say, and respond to what people do and say, not the entirety of
  their personality, even though you probably do that on your planet.  I
  remember Robert A. Heinlein using the work "grok" to describe the merging
  of oneself with knowledge of something else.

  I hope they don't terminate you just because you have been exposed, but
  if you do have to go, could you tell the SETI project what to look for?

  enjoy your stay.  and I'm glad Lisp is what attracted the aliens, too.

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