Subject: Re: CMU CL vs. CLISP?
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: 1999/07/29
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* Pierpaolo Bernardi
| At the very least, should have some detectable effect.  Like, say, a
| confirmation of having received the report.

  Franz Inc has a pretty extensive system that mails out confirmations as
  soon as someone accepts an SPR.  I don't always get such confirmations,
  but I have yet to see any evidence of malice behind that.  of course, if
  you don't _need_ evidence of malice, but assume it by default, which you
  do if I read you right, you would need evidence of its absence, and three
  instances of malice-by-default is pretty good evidence that Franz Inc is
  maliciously ignoring you.  others should know what constitutes evidence
  in your mind, however, before they base anything on your conclusions.

| I cannot care less of what you wish.

  of course you couldn't.  you post your aggressive complaints here and
  show that you're a destructive fool instead of actually trying to fix
  problems.  such attitudes naturally lead to ignoring other people's
  desires in others ways, too.  I'm sure we can look forward to even more
  destructive whining from you about products you don't use and don't want
  others to use because CLISP should have replaced all products, and when
  CLISP has a leg up on them with some particular feature, other products
  can be vilified at will with no consequences for you.  right?

  it was also a figure of speech to an irrational moron who perhaps would
  react a bit more rationally with a bit kinder words, but you're not
  reacting to what people say, but to your vilified image of them, so it
  was of course lost on you.  I should have known, but I keep holding out
  for some remaining shreds of decency in people, no matter what they have
  done.  you obviously don't, and in some case you obviously know better.

| Your writing does not make any sense (no news here).
| [... usual naggum drivels, elided]

  geez.  but I'm actually happy you had to attack me personally.  having
  delineated the constructive vs destructive way to behave in the face of
  bugs, it has been very informative to learn that you fall squarely in the
  destructive camp, and it isn't just a action-reaction thing, but actually
  your personality.  thank you.

  I keep telling XEmacs people who act like rabid morons that it doesn't
  help the image of XEmacs people.  I don't like the CLISP community,
  either, because it contains a number of people who have an agenda to
  prove that CLISP is not inferior to any other product in any way.  I wish
  they could just be happy with what they have made and talk about its
  value to them instead of having to define the value in terms of their
  view of lack of value of something else.  of course, you couldn't care
  less about what I wish, but now that I have expressed such a wish, I
  expect you to act in the exact opposite way.
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