From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: 1999/10/31
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* Janos Blazi
| So you mean that while his words sometimes may lack the decency some
| outsiders expect, the end justifies the means.  And as he is so smart, if
| he tells me that I am stupid then I should take that seriously as them I
| am probably really stupid.

  if your concern is _actually_ decency, start with yourself, right now:
  you're the one responsible for the hostilities here at the moment.  just
  look at yourself and what indecency YOU write, for crying out loud!

  if you can't distinguish between DOING something stupid and BEING stupid,
  perhaps you are entirely justified in your own case, but I do distinguish
  between them, ALWAYS.  smart people also do stupid things, but stop doing
  them when criticized or made aware of their mistakes.  stupid people tend
  to want to PROVE that whatever they were doing was not stupid when they
  get any form of criticism, harsh or friendly alike, and keep doing them
  just to spite their criticizers.  so if the shoe fits, wear it, but don't
  blame me for your hardship or your reactions, and above all: don't even
  _attempt_ to blame me for your very own personal negativity.

| Ordering the original English Edition would take 8 weeks.

  it takes two days for to deliver it if you ask them!  criminy!

  the Internet appears to work in Germany, too, and the last time I shipped
  goods to Germany, both the postal services and outfits like FedEx and DHL
  were in reputable operation.  perhaps you are unaware of your ability to
  order books from any large bookstore in the U.S.?  whatever your imagined
  problem, the real problems are easy to solve and immaterial to anyone who
  actually wants something to happen, as opposed to only wanting to whine
  and blame others for their sorry state of affairs.

  refusing to take part in this advancing communications world is simply
  not smart, but I guess anyone's entitled to wait eight weeks just so he
  doesn't have to dial an international phone number or use a credit card
  or visit a web site or what have you.  what they are not entitled to is
  pretend that this is anybody's _fault_ but their own or a huge conspiracy
  or whatever else makes it impossible to solve simple, straightforward,
  and merely practical problems.

  just f.....g do it!  how hard can it _be_?

#:Erik, who gets _really_ tired of whining losers anywhere in the world,
	thanks to the same advancing communications technology.