From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: 1999/11/03
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* Janos Blazi
| But the point is, that by now everybody who visits this newsgroup
| regularly, should know it and they should be shouting with horror.

  this is exactly what I have been trying to make you realize about _your_
  behavior, and it _should_ be sinking in by now, since I managed to offend
  you sufficiently to jump-start your otherwise dormant brain.  what amazed
  me with you is that you are so dead set on proving that you are free of
  all forms of fault.  only people who are actually evil have this need.

  the question before me is this: _when_ will you realize that you cannot
  _both_ proclaim that you are opposed to rudeness and ill behavior _and_
  be one of the most despicably disgusting people on this newsgroup, going
  after people who have been "rude" to your stupidity.  I have told you
  before, and I'll say it again: GET OVER IT!  (that seems to apply to more
  things than just having experienced rudeness, however.)  if someone is
  not "sufficiently" kind to you, it is stupid beyond belief to go after
  them, because you prove that you deserve whatever you got and more.  you,
  however, are the kind of person who goes after people, not their actions:
  you can't even see the difference between calling an action stupid and
  the man stupid, a difference any intelligent man can see.  normal people
  don't _identify_ with every one of their actions to the point where they
  lose their sense of dignity if one of the actions is criticized -- but
  you do, and then attack others for having shown this fact to you.  you
  should fix that, because you're seriously broken in they way you react to
  criticism, and the criticism you hand out to others is _really_ stupid,
  missing the mark by miles, such as the extraordinary lame attempt to once
  again shift all blame for your lack of intelligence and good behavior
  over on someone who "made you do it".  but, hey, for all I know, that
  could be your "cultura" and your "tradition" and you can't change it
  without seriously damaging your ability to join your people.  let me know
  if this is the case, and I'll get off your back.  at least as long as you
  keep off mine, which I have come to trust you won't unless I zap you with
  a cattle prod every time you climb back, but stranger things have

  now, just behave well, Janos Blazi.  it's you who want people to be nice
  to eachother -- so just start with yourself.  like right now.