From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: 1999/11/03
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* Janos Blazi
| I do not know why you are doing this.

  to stop you in mid-action and make you think about what you're doing.

  my purpose was to give you a few hints on how you are seriously annoying
  people with a whole bunch of actions which you would be a smart person to
  cease and desist performing.  in other words: YOU COULD CHANGE YOUR
  BEHAVIOR TO BE LESS ANNOYING TO PEOPLE.  however, you are hintproof --
  you don't even understand that you are annoying people in the first
  place.  if you get criticized for something, you take it personally, no
  matter what people were _actually_ saying to you, and then go on to make
  a whole lot of really insane comments about others and what they have
  said, which _really_ annoys people.  you don't see the difference between
  "you behave like an X" and "you are an X", for _any_ value of X, which
  makes it impossible to talk to you, because analogoy is a fundamental
  means of communication.  the way you respond now indicates to me that
  you're hurting so badly inside that any further attempt to make you
  reflect on yourself and your behavior towards others would probably make
  you insane.  your retaliatory actions were fantastically out of place and
  counter-productive in the extreme, as the evidence would suggest you also
  make an effort to understand your part in.  you COULD have helped suggest
  to us all that you weren't a bad guy by _actually_ behaving like a decent
  human being, instead of switching to a moronic attack mode.  it's your
  choice.  you chose the attacking moron.  now, please understand that you
  were criticized for some of your actions (and then your defense of them),
  while you yourself have been spewing a lot of personal attacks at others
  in "retaliation".  if you don't want personal attacks, stay above them.
  that is not what you did, and it caused what you have seen.

  there are lots of people here who are willing to help anyone who wants to
  learn Lisp.  there are also lots of people here who have no patience with
  those who do not want to learn Lisp but instead waste everybody's time
  with a whole bunch of idiotic claims and "questions" that can be found by
  anyone who does their own homework, including a little net searching,
  reading recommended books, etc.  patience with stupidity is not a virtue.

  now, let's see if you can actually talk about any relevant issues.