Subject: Re: An issue with #+?
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: 1999/11/18
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* Pierre R. Mai
| There has been some talk about setting up a central registry of features
| in the past, but until now this has never been advanced beyond the
| concept stage,  as far as I know...

  the newly revived Association of Lisp Users is in the process of setting
  up its web site and an archive of Common Lisp code.  since I proposed
  this central registry first (as far as I know), and suggested it be part
  of the standard, the least I can do, being the newly elected Archivist of
  the ALU, is to collect information about the currently used feature
  keywords and set up a web page that could function as a central registry.

  please send your favorite feature keywords to me by mail, identifying the
  product and version in which it is used, and what it identifies.  if you
  know of other feature keywords that (sort of) form a hierarchy that could
  be used in disambiguating the meaning of clashes, please include them as
  formally as you can.

  future assignments of feature keywords should as far as is implementable,
  and as long as it is not very easily managable to exploit other feature
  keywords to disambiguate them, be unambiguous.

| But with the good news of MK-DEFSYSTEM becoming active again, it seems
| more likely that a central repository of components (something like CPAN)
| will become available, which might give a natural point for the registry
| as well.  I wouldn't mind administrating such a list...   [ducks and runs
| before people can take him up on the offer ;->]

  too late!  you have been tagged.  :)  seriously, running an archive is
  not a one-man job.  (I have tried with SGML, and won't repeat mistakes.)

  Attention Microsoft Shoppers!  MS Monopoly Money 6.0 are now worthless.