Subject: Re: Are there any LISP development systems that are VC, or other GUI IDE  like?
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: 2000/02/14
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* Robert Posey
| Actual EMACS is the worst, since it not delivered with a lot of the
| packages you are going to need.

  nonono, _you_ are the worst, since you have been delivered with a lot of
  opinions instead of appreciation for the facts you would have needed to
  form them.

| EMACS would be improved 200% if someone would just modify the interface
| packages so that they would install using a point and click installer
| program.

  most users would be improved 200% if someone just replaced their concepts
  of what "simplicity" is all about with something approaching intelligence
  in design.

  also, I think children should come with little infrared receptors that
  obeyed the "mute" button on my remote control, so now I'm going to
  complain vociferously to everybody who make children that they should
  improve their children 200% by changing them so the remote control I use
  to shut up TV commercials will work on annoying children, too.

  try M-x customize RET the next time you feel like pointing and clicking.
  if that doesn't help, do something entirely new and different, and RTFM.

  incidentally, there _are_ good IDEs for Common Lisp, too, but I surmise
  that your penchant for complaining out of ignorance will apply yet again,
  so I won't harm the vendors of such IDEs by naming them so you can post
  yet more negative drivel about stuff you don't understand.  figure it out
  for yourself -- you need to get used to figuring things out for yourself.

  and while I'm speaking my mind, the reason intelligent, competent people
  hate Microsoft is that that company alone has produced millions of people
  just like you who have zero clue and an overpowering desire to prove it
  to the entire world.  "make a tool a fool can use, and only a fool will
  use it" has never been truer than of the anti-educational, anti-skill-
  building cruftware that Microsoft has made billions peddling to unwitting
  losers who now think they have a clue about using computers productively
  (which is very different from fooling around with them all day).  they
  don't, and thanks to Microsoft, they never will, unless they let go of
  the myth that Microsoft has made using computers easy to use.  in fact,
  the only thing that Microsoft has made _real_ easy for their users is
  handing over lots and lots of money to Microsoft in exchange for more
  hype to believe in, more vaporware to wait for, and most of all, more
  vehicles for viruses to get scared into bying more software to avoid.

  don't follow up to this article until you have found and tried at least
  three different IDE-based Common Lisp environments and have decided to
  fail to complain about them.  thank you for your cooperation.