Subject: Re: Allegro CL 5.0 Win32
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: 2000/02/27
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* David Thornley
| What was unfortunate about it was that some people don't speak American,
| misunderstood, and attacked.  What was even more unfortunate about it is
| that some people kept insisting, in their extreme arrogance, that they
| knew what was meant by an unfamiliar turn of phrase, and kept attacking.

  what's even more unfortunate is that some people think they know what
  went on and make no bones about expanding on their personal take on it,
  even though the core problem they attribute to others is the _mistake_ of
  thinking they know what went on and not backing down in the presence of
  counter-evidence.  the extreme arrogance of such fools to pretend they
  have The Answer is indeed the cause of these conflicts.  if the arrogant
  fools had been willing to listen and understand, the number of idoitic
  assumptions would perhaps have been managably small.  instead we have
  people who are so incredibly thick-headed as to post their imagination of
  what my days are like, and now David Thornley exceeds this idiotic drivel
  by some other drivel about somebody misunderstanding "copy".  geez.

  when people of so little introspective ability make grand projections
  about the behavior of others, the only result is that we learn how they
  think, and learn _nothing_ about anything else.  it's _really_ pathetic.

| Erik assumed the worst, and (as of the last I've seen his postings)
| continues to do so.

  and just what would it take to provide you with counter-evidence, David?
  your willingness to make and post your assumptions from _zero_ evidence
  goes way beyond what I _questioned_ Zachary about.  I don't think you
  even have the right to complain as long as your assumption-generator is
  going at full speed.

  what actually _amuses_ me in these discussions is just how idiotic the
  people who complain about my behavior are.  it is clearly impossible for
  these clowns to behave reasonably and intelligently themselves, and so
  they make all these completely bizarre assumptions and projections and
  tell me about their personal life (which I have _zero_ interest in!) and
  how they imagine something they couldn't possibly be correct about.  is
  there any wonder I keep up the flaming of these disgusting _retards_?
  every time one of these blathering losers proves that he deserves it, I'm
  proven right: one more true idiot marked out.

  what's unfortunate is that the morons think their way of thinking is the
  only possible way to think, but that's typically what _defines_ a moron.