Subject: Re: Deep copy in lisp: how?
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: 2000/04/15
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* Courageous <>
| However, it's funny. At my place of work, I'm the one all the newbies
| come to for answers, because I understand ...

  I'm sure you think you're the hero of your work-place, but it doesn't
  help just to _tell_ people when you have done so much damage to your
  public impression as you have, and as a line of self-defense, it's so
  pathetic it stinks.  _anyone_ could write a self-serving self-appraisal.
  that's why people _don't_ write such personal defenses on the Net -- it's
  self-defeating and on top of it, it's embarrassing when those "newbies"
  who came to you for answers ask you something you don't know and search
  for the answer on the Net, only to find that you don't have a clue in
  some very important areas and are incredibly self-defensive and personal
  about it.  to really top it off, you haven't understood _any_ of the many
  very good explanations you have received to your question.  such arrogant
  ignorance is a very questionable quality in an employee who doles out
  answers to helpless "newbies" in an organization.  so you should start to
  worry about yourself, and much less about others: if you can't take care
  of yourself, you certainly are in no position to give advice to others.

| More rhetorically, I wonder if the people over at Franz will be "morons"
| if they attempt to implement the Objects By Value section of the CORBA
| standard in their ORBLink product?

  why do you want to hurt yourself so much?  you didn't have to _prove_
  that you still have not understood the difference between implementing a
  carefully constrained specification of a protocol and _general_ deep
  copier, did you?  normal people don't insist on making the same mistake
  over and over just because they don't like being called morons when they
  do and continue with it until they are no longer called morons (it works
  the other way around, in case you wonder).  the people over at Franz have
  understood this difference long ago (like at _least_ 15 years ago), and
  are in no danger at all of being called morons.  and in case you wonder
  about more things, smart people who don't defend themselves can disagree
  violently without even the hint of a danger of getting personal, so even
  if implementing CORBA _were_ a really moronic thing to do, that itself
  doesn't mean someone who does it is a moron.  it's the getting _personal_
  that is the first hint of someone being a moron.  you have never quit
  giving that hint, on the contrary: you have reinforced it over and over,
  and this is a pretty strong argument that it is a correct assessment of
  your mental acuity and childish, retarded stubbornness.  you can change
  this by snapping out of your "personal" mental state and realize that
  your ego is not under attack from anyone other than your own imagination.
  most everyone here will utter a sigh of relief if you get the idea, and
  nobody will ever "remind" you of your past mistake when you have learned
  -- that's what makes possibly heated technical discussions _impersonal_
  to people who aren't morons.

  I'm _expecting_ another knee-jerk moronic response.  surprise me.  (of
  course, now that I said that, your childish stubbornness prohibits you
  from showing any trace of adult, smart behavior, but try, anyway.)