Subject: Re: Deep copy in lisp: how?
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: 2000/04/24
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* "Coby Beck" <>
| I have yet to see one coherent justification for supporting Erik's abuse.

  I have yet to see one coherent justification for the abusive behavior I'm
  _criticizing_.  in fact, the reason for your "allowing" me this is that
  none of you would tolerate what I'm criticizing.  that's why you don't
  even _start_ pestering me until you're very safe that whatever nuisance
  I'm trying to get rid of is about to be gotten rid of for good.  just
  admit it: _you_ don't want Joe "Courageous" Kraska here, _either_.  I'm
  doing the dirty work you don't want to do, and when I succeed, you think
  I overdid it, but think back, carefully: why was so much force necessary?

  consider whether you understand the alternatives: do you really _want_ a
  newsgroup full of morons who post false information, idiotic guesswork,
  homework exercises and (stupid or severely misguided) "solutions"?  which
  other newsgroups have I frequented and which have maintained a supremely
  high technical level in the past?  which other newsgroups have seen their
  technical level _raised_ because of what the fools call "abuse" of the
  mindless pestilence that invades USENET from time to time?  which other
  newsgroups have deteriorated shortly after I stopped caring about the
  false information, the blathering idiots, and the destruction of the
  ability to discuss technical matters that only a small portion of the
  audience can follow?  maybe you should start thinking about such things?

  previously, your imagination had run amuck and conjured up the sick image
  of this going on in real life.  I'm amazed that this is possible, because
  it indicates a complete and utter lack of contact with reality:  a person
  such as Joe "Courageous" Kraska is a nuisance in real life, too, and will
  get reprimanded whenever he disturbs a group of people.  go back and read
  the _start_ of this thread.  _who_ would have been thrown out of a public
  meeting?  now, use your imgination _productively_ and think long and hard
  about why it doesn't work to throw some people out of _virtual_ meetings.
  what do those people do?  in brief, to what do I _respond_?  if you don't
  even _see_ that, you have no business criticizing anyone for anything.

  and... taking sides after the war is over is pretty damn stupid.  if you
  want this to end, just shut up about it, and it'll go away.  if you want
  this not to start again, help avoid _recurrences_.  it's just incredibly
  stupid to want something to end in the middle if you don't help it not to
  _start_ and even more stupid if you help fuel the flames.  however, such
  is the moronic blathering of my _critics_.  they have no concept of what
  they want or don't want until _long_ after they could have any _possible_
  effect on anything.  it's the annoyingly mindless "can't we all just get
  along?" all over again.  if we could, Joe Kraska would have gotten the
  idea the first time around.  if we could, anyone who wanted some moron to
  stop needed post only _one_ message to get results.  clearly, this is not
  the case _anywhere_.  so quit dreaming.  deal with reality -- a reality
  that has a certain percentage of morons.  help get rid of them _before_
  they do their damage.  and _don't_ support them afterwards.

  can I trust that you'll help me avoid recurrences of any future invasion
  of morons, Coby?  or can I trust that you will instead stand up for each
  and every blathering moron and proclaim your support at the _earliest_
  possible convenience and then stand by them through _all_ their actions
  and ensuing stupidity so that you can actually _fall_ with the guys you
  support?  you see, Joe "Courageous" Kraska now actually believes that you
  _support_ him and condone _his_ behavior, from his question and first
  moronic article in response to the first rejection to his moronic "Dear
  Erik" message.

  if you will neither help avoid recurrences _or_ support the morons the
  next time around, please be smart and don't jump into the middle of the
  fray only when it looks like the moron could _finally_ go away, because
  the moron will stay _much_ longer when you do that, and thus you help
  _perpetuate_ what you pretend you don't like to see happen.  _think_
  about this.  please.  and if your anger blinds you, shut up, instead.