Subject: Re: LISP and AI
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: 2000/05/04
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* Courageous <>
| You know, we own licenses for ACL, but not much documentation seems
| to exist.  How criticical are the ACL manuals themselves, and how
| extensive are they?  (yes, I have all the .html, is that the whole
| shebang?)

  Well, the manuals are quite extensive once you sit down with them.
  However, I'm not too thrilled about the HTML delivery because of the
  unsolved navigation problem in the WWW incarnation of hypertext (it
  had been solved prior to the WWW, of course; HTML is the MS-DOS of
  hypertext).  I have asked (begged) for PDF files so I can at least
  have something that reads better than the HTML delivery and which
  also prints better than the HTML files come out like from the sucky
  browsers.  Franz Inc have indicated they will accomodate some of my
  wishes for the ACL 6.0 release.  Until then, the ACL 4.3 manuals are
  still in use, simply because they are printed and bound.