Subject: Re: LISP and AI
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: 2000/05/10
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* Courageous <>
| To wit: they were annoying to *you*.

  What a brilliant piece of insight!  I'm glad you're helping us
  figure out these difficult things.

  Some real wit: "Questions" that are followed by a denial of any
  possibility of accepting an answer are inherently destructive.  Yes,
  I find that annoying.  People who ask "questions" only so they can
  pick a fight with people annoy me.  People who have a track record
  of listening only to themselves talk also annoy me.  But you know
  all about this, already.  You've been reasonable lately, however,
  and you have seen me answer your questions with care and interest.
  _You_ should know by now that if you want to be stupid, you get what
  you deserve from me, but if you want to be productive and you listen
  to other people's opinions and ideas when you ask them questions, I
  answer with care and interest.  Erann Gat doesn't have any interest
  in what he's asking.  He's out to deny that I have said anything
  worthwhile (see his replies for specific clues to this motivation),
  which has been on his agenda for a long time, and he's told me, face
  to face, that he thinks it's productive to employ an amazingly
  unintelligent copycat version of what he _doesn't_ understand that
  I'm doing in order to shut me down.  Yes, that's very annoying.
  Erann Gat is an annoying parasite as long as he is in this mode, and
  he doesn't get out of it by himself.  When I answered Espen Vestre's
  followup questions, Erann Gat proved that he didn't read it at all,
  only continued to pick a fight, which is his real goal.  Yes, that's
  quite annoying.  He can be quite productive and interesting when he
  gets over his personal problems, however, like a few other people
  who can't deal with my rejecting their silliness.

  Now, consider whether you want to help Erann Gat on his mission from
  the Gods or whether you want to help shut him down before he makes
  his usual rounds of insane accusations.  He's been known to accuse
  people in his typical roundabout ways of Holocaust revisionism when
  he doesn't understand what they say, and I found that pretty damn
  annoying, too.