Subject: Re: Servlets in CL
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: 2000/05/17
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* David Hanley <>
| Erik Naggum wrote:
| > | but despite the very high startup costs to get the environment, you
| > | must also pay a substantial percentage of your gross profits when
| > | you distribute software written with their product.
| >
| >   I know their policies better than you do (partly because I argue
| >   with Franz Inc over them all the time :) and I can tell you this:
| >   You do not get a right to post hurtful lies about people just
| >   because you disagree with them.
| Erik, since you are accusing me of posting hurtful lies, please either:
| 1) Point them out, or
| 2) Admit you don't know what you're talking about.

  And what will you do when it has been pointed out?  Will you shut up
  and actually _stop_ lying and slandering people?  I didn't think so.

  "You must pay a substantial percentage of your gross profits" is a
  lie, pure and simple.  It would be a lie without "substantial", and
  it would be a lie without "gross".  It is of course a lie with the
  "must", as there are (a little too many) options on how to become a
  value added reseller or purchase an unlimited or number of runtime
  licenses with or without a compiler and/or development environment.
  As stated, the unequivocal 

  Furthermore, "when you distribute software written with their
  product" is a lie.  It's not the software _you_ have _written_ with
  their product that they charge a license for, it's their own, which
  _you_ ship with _your_ product.  There is nothing at all in the
  license which prohibits writing the software with Allegro CL and
  shipping with something else.  There couldn't be.  Theirs is a
  commercial software license, not the GNU Public License, which
  _does_ incur such requirements as you seem to find "unworkable".

  You are a despicable liar, David Henley, but that's no surprise.

| Since all the rest of your post is your usual uninformed drool, and
| not at all responding to what I said, I'm just ignoring it, and
| waiting for someone to respond to what I actually did say.

  I see.  Your intellectual policy is to pretend that you have really
  awful enemies so you don't have to think, care, or be fair to them.
  That's why you have to make Franz Inc much worse than they really
  are, too.  This is called "demonization" and is a common "problem"
  with certain mental illnesses, such as rabid paranoia, "rabid" not
  being a clinical term, but applicable nonetheless.  Pleas find a
  mental health professional willing to lsiten and just get yourself
  cured, David -- this has nothing to do with Lisp, me, Franz Inc, or
  anything else even remotely connected to this newsgroup, anymore.

  If this is not what you expected, please alter your expectations.