Subject: Re: CL-HTTP and AllegroServe license agreement
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: 2000/08/10
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* Erik Naggum
| Thanks for the update.  I'll have to get used to "Lesser", which I
| think is a bad move when it's official (but cute when unofficial):
| good for the politics of free software, bad for free software.

* Christopher Browne
| The point of "Lesser" was that RMS felt that too many people were
| gleefully choosing to use it for software that he'd rather that they
| used the GPL for.
| If you use the LGPL for a library, it has less "infectious" effect on the
| licensing of other code that might use taht library than does the GPL.
| You can write distinctly "non-free" software that uses LGPLed libraries.
| Unsurprisingly, RMS would rather that the GPL was used, so that
| people wouldn't write as much "non-free" software, and thus chose
| the term "Lesser" to deprecate the use of the LGPL.

  Thank you for explaning what "good for the politics of free
  software, bad for free software" means.  I'm sure my one-liner was
  lost on approximately everyone.

| Those that despise RMS as some sort of "licensing tyrant" can feel free
| to gleefully hold to this as a clear example of all that they deem bad
| about him...

  Good advice.  Those who are pathologically prejudicial may feel free
  to reduce their caffeine intake, though.

  If this is not what you expected, please alter your expectations.