Subject: Re: less parentheses --> fewer parentheses
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: 2000/08/25
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* Barry Margolin <>
| Rather than actually containing grammar criticism, it seems to be
| insulting the other poster for his unwillingness to accept unsolicited
| grammar corrections.  Not a significant difference, IMHO.

  Oh, geez, this is _so_ pathetic.  No _actual_ criticism, of course!,
  certainly _no_ dishing out, of course!, but something which Barry
  Margolin, the ultimate hateful psycho, claims is not "significantly
  different" because that way he can keep believing he's in the right.
  You really are devoid of reasoning abilities behind all that hatred.

| Would you please stop using that word?

  No.  Provide some evidence of sanity and absence of hatred on your
  part.  _All_ you're doing is making it harder and harder to pretend
  you aren't so hateful that you can't see or think straight.  I don't
  change my mind in the face of sheer lack of evidence the way you do,
  so you have to _do_ something that can alter the impression you
  leave that no matter _what_ I do, your psychotic hatred will "see"
  something that isn't there but which you can accuse me of, and then
  when you're exposed as a liar, fraud, and psychotic, the best you
  can come up with is something that is "not significantly different"
  to _you_.  Well, big surprise, there!  _Nothing_ is _significantly_
  different from what you accuse people of, unjustly and falsely.

  You don't _have_ to read what I post, you sick psycho.  If you do,
  it's because you need to feed your insanity and hatred and need to
  take it out on me whenever there's something else that triggers your
  psychosis.  More importantly, there's _nothing_ I can do to make
  these insane accusations of yours stop.  Your hatred is eternal, and
  no longer based in reality.  We established that the first time you
  _admitted_ that you couldn't see anything I did unless it fit your
  preconceptions.  I was stupid to accept your apology.  You're not
  the kind of person whose apologies can be accepted, Barry Margolin.

  If this is not what you expected, please alter your expectations.