Subject: Re: less parentheses --> fewer parentheses
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: 2000/08/30
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* "Larry Elmore" <>
| Only about your claim that you don't belittle people.

  What else were you talking about that could cause any confusion?

| That's because even the most casual perusal of your posts in Deja
| conclusively proves the falsity of your claim that you don't
| belittle people.

  Well, that's your conclusion.  You're pretending that it's everybody
  else's and that anyone who voices a contrary opinion is trolling.
  That's quite amazingly arrogant and uintelligent behavior, but it's
  precisely what you did last time you were flamed for it, too.

| That is as _obviously_ false as the neo-Nazi claims that the Nazis
| didn't try to exterminate the Jews in World War II,

  You aren't posting just to pick fights or anything, are you?  Nah,
  of course not, you just don't know any better arguments to support
  your claim, do you?  I'm so grateful when somebody like you post
  shit like this.  Whatever bad things I say about you could never
  exceed what you do to damage yourself, and that's so _relieving_.

| I think many people would disagree with you on who deserves to be
| flamed since you seem to have your flamethrower equipped with a
| hair-trigger (i.e. it goes off with the slightest touch), but that
| is a highly subjective decision.

  Consider that this is also _your_ opinion, and as you have this
  silly idea that none of what you have experienced could be your
  fault, of course it's invalid for anyone else.  Try _thinking_
  instead of whatever it is you do now.

| On the contrary, I've given it a good deal of thought, if only
| because I wasn't sure it was worth the snide remarks and personal
| insults that were sure to descend on me from your direction.

  Well, if you have that attitude and that _desire_, why blame me for
  complying with your planning?  You could easily avoid anything that
  you feel hostile just by engaging your _brain_ and stop making so
  many idiotic remarks the foundation for all of which are entirely
  inside your own head.

| I certainly don't feel belittled.

  So, is it only _other_ people who feel or are belittled?  Stupid as
  this line of argument is, this is _really_ typical: People who rant
  and rave like madmen on some horrible psychoactive drug about other
  people's bad behavior are usually _bystanders_ who feel much more
  offended than anyone in the middle of the discussion/brawl, mostly
  because they scan quickly or feel their moral outrage increase
  dramatically before they just have to explode and _prove_ that they
  are idiots on the rampage.

| I'm sure there will be at least one or two, probably just to be
| smartasses and to keep a flamewar stirred up.

  You've managed to harrass and stage a flamewar against _potential_
  "trolls".  I'm amazed.  You're clearly quite paranoid.  Whatever
  could anyone who disagrees with your sentiments here _do_ to you?
  Let's have someone come up and _disagree_ with you and see if you
  explode into little pieces.

| Certainly it won't be because they really think that you don't
| belittle people since a quick check with Deja will show that _many_
| of your posts contain such comments.

  But _you_ don't feel belittled?  How many feel belittled?  How do
  you _know_ that this is so prevalent when you, personally, are not
  belittled by the comments that you find in _many_ posts?  Answer:
  You _don't_ know.  You _want_ to defend other people, who probably
  don't feel anything remotely similar to what you want them to feel.

  How come people who don't have a clue think they get it as soon as
  they start acting on behalf of other people?  Do they think that if
  they make utter fools of themselves, those they have spoken on
  behalf of won't be equally disgusted as everyone else and will
  actually _back_ them when they are made fools of _them_, as well?

| Oh, I truly know what to expect from you, Eric.

  Yeah, like "Spell my name right, you dimwit!"?

  You're like the jerk in a bar who has heard that some other person
  is really irritable, and then goes over to that person and annoys
  him until he reacts like you expected him to do.  Poke somebody in
  the eye and you see quite a different reaction than what you get
  when you don't poke them in the eye.  If you aren't samrt enough to
  avoid poking people in the eye when that's all you have managed so
  far, don't pretend there's anything wrong with anyone else.

  So why do you make this unfuckingbelievably stupid assumption that
  you know how somebody will react to everything when all you have
  ever done is annoy them tremendously, even posting the most vile
  bile this newsgroup has seen in _years_?  I have never done anything
  close to so amazingly tasteless and disgusting as you did many times
  over not that long ago, and now keep doing by dragging in neo-Nazis!

| I really would like to alter my expectations in that regard, but any
| regular reader of this newsgroup knows what to expect when you find
| something to disagree with in their posts, no matter how trivial.

  Clue in, moron: Disagreement is not it.  Disagreement is a symptom
  of many kinds of mistakes, a whole bunch of different causes.  Some
  of those causes _are_ bad thinking, such as unthinking prejudice,
  false accusations, extending already unfounded knowledge far beyond
  their original context, etc, and these _also_ lead to disagreement,
  but it is _not_ the disagreement itself that causes _anything_, just
  as mere agreement on words causes exactly _no_ action anywhere.

  It's when the fucking idiots try to defend their prejudice or right
  to make false accusations or overextending their preconceptions that
  they get taken to the virtual cleaners.

| Then, after verbally assaulting them, you seem amazed and outraged
| when most people reply in kind!  I wonder why?

  Because people _don't_ reply in kind, you idiot.  You, for instance,
  are too amazingly clueless to spend any effort at all figuring out
  what it is I'm responding to, so you do this unthinking prejudicial
  routine that ticks me off, and you think you're responding in kind
  because you had already made up your mind and discarded all the
  _contrary_ evidence, like all other retarded judgmental idiots.

  And as long as you guys prove that you discard evidence that runs
  counter to your prejudices, you're hopeless cases, anyway.  Nothing
  can ever cause a person who has made such intellectual sloppiness a
  part of his mental habits to quit being sloppy except some strong
  jolt to realize he's no longer doing well.  It serves my purposes to
  have you fucking morons make a stink so I can establish whether you
  _are_ permanently braindamaged or just act like you were.  Very few
  turn out to _be_ retarded, but it clearly takes more effort for some
  people to really _think_ than they have ever been required to just
  to run their own lives, so to underscore how useless that blood
  cooler in their skull is, they pretend to be able to run other
  people's lives, instead (such as by speaking on the behalf of some
  _indeterminably_ large group of people they have never actually seen
  any members of, but fantasize into exsistence in order to feel they
  can be justified in what they do).

  If this is not what you expected, please alter your expectations.