Subject: Re: On comparing apples and oranges (was: Q: on hashes and counting)
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: 2000/10/21
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* Dirk Zoller <>
| Let's get this right.

  Now, _that's_ a good starting point if I ever saw one, except, of
  course, you think whatever _you_ think is right and won't listen to
  anyone or anything else.  I'm waiting (like, _right_) for that last
  part, where your fucking annoying arrogance and self-righteousness
  has cooled off and you start to _listen_ and _think_ again.  People
  like you, who fail to listen and think, while espousing dangerous
  ideas, are what makes this world much less than it could be.  If we
  can get rid of you (which is unlikely to happen) or at least get
  some of your self-inflicted retarded arrogance chipped off, then
  maybe we can engage in intelligent conversation again, and not have
  to deal with morose trivialties and inane obviousness.

| You were denying the need of any further attempt to invent
| programming languages.

  Just Plain Wrong.  See, you made an _idiotic_ assumption and you
  based your whole entire retarded tirade on something that wasn't
  even true, but did you have the brainpower to figure out the need to
  tell me what _you_ read me to have said before you got kicked around
  real hard?  No.  So it _worked_ to kick you around, did it not?

  Can you keep focused and keep thinking long enough at a time that
  you can try and figure out what I really said instead of responding
  to some of your stupid fears?

| Using your vocabulary?

  Don't flatter yourself.

| Not this time. The amount of hate I encounter here is saddening.

  The feeling you experience is that of being hated.  This is good.
  This means that you can feel _something_.  I'm glad you have at
  least stopped being that unfeeling moron you were to begin with.

  Now, you don't _encounter_ hate.  It was a deliberate attempt to
  make you feel something that would actually affect¹ you.  That
  you're so fucking arrogant that you can't even see that how you feel
  can have a vast number of possible causes, but have to go and choose
  _one_ such cause (out of what?  my guess: hatred) and assume it is
  the only one possible, and then _blame_ someone for something you
  have _no_ idea they intended or even did, _that's_ something else I
  wanted you to show us.  Thank you for demonstrating that you're the
  kind of guy who thinks that just because you thought it up, it must
  be right.  That because you think the cause of your feelings is so
  and so, then it must necessarily be _exactly_ that?  No doubt in
  sight.  No desire to test your assumptions.  And no inclination on
  your part to improve the _accuracy_ of your assumptions, either.
  Just lumber ahead like a 300-pound moron who thinks he's going in
  the right direction.  Basing actions on untested assumptions like
  you _prove_ that you do, is the single best indicator of very low
  intelligence there is, because it means you have never actually had
  to revise any of your assumptions even after the actions you thought
  would have a specific response failed to get it.  Instead, you "get
  used to my style"!  Christ in a Volvo, that's impenetrably dense!
  That's like driving a tank in heavy traffic and complaining about
  the bumpy ride as you crush people's cars instead of slowing down or
  getting a normal car.  It isn't the rest of the world that's wrong,
  Dirk Zoller, it's you who have based a bunch of your shit thinking
  on unfounded, untested assumptions.  Now, go test and revise them!

  How you feel is your responsibility, _especially_ when you say you
  don't feel anything at all.  If you can't even take responsibility
  for having repressed your own emotions and have to blame someone
  else for how you feel when you suddenly do, after all, you really
  should go play in traffic, because you're a dangerous lunatic.

| Again: Calm down Erik Naggum, precious resident of comp.lang.lisp!

  And this from the moron who claims to be absolutely calm, himself.
  I guess we all know just how calm _he_ is while he's saying he is,
  now.  Has it occured to you, you arrogant little shit-for-brains,
  that you don't have the first clue how calm anyone else is?  Here I
  am, trying to kick-start your dormant thinking apparatus, and you
  react like a toad, all frightened and reflex-bound.  What kind of
  dead meat are you?

  Engage your brain, Dirk Zoller.  Heck, electroshock it, whatever,
  just get it running again.  You were born with it, and even years of
  disuse can't quite kill all of it.  Start to _think_, damnit!

  Now understand that I actually care about what you do with your
  brain, because I think it's a crime to leave any brain unused, and
  the only way to get some of you lazy bums to think is to kick your
  butt so hard it feels like a hole appeared in your brain.
¹ This is a correct usage of "affect".
  I agree with everything you say, but I would
  attack to death your right to say it.
				-- Tom Stoppard