Subject: Re: Allegro compilation warnings
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: 2000/10/24
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* Mario Frasca
| Followup-To: misc.misc

  When you engage in Followup-To wars like this, you show everybody
  that you are a useless pest in _any_ forum.  How could you think you
  could possibly benefit from such moronic behavior?  Did you intend
  to show me that you really had a working brain?  Well, _that_ failed.

| a few days ago I wrote you something like 'now I know how to read your
| posts'.  maybe it is interesting for you to know what I meant by that.

  No, it is not.  People who decide that they have _found_ the answers
  they need are braindead and not worth spending any effort on at all.
  If your (stupid and even silly) conclusion about "how to read [my]
  posts" is now decided and no longer open to evidence, it has itself
  become prima facie evidence that you are no longer worth talking to,
  because you prove with that methodology and approach that you cease
  to listen when what people tell you goes against some property of
  your personality.  This is what I want people to show me and a small
  number of people do not understand that they can do something other
  than prove that they are prejudiced, braindead wastes of space
  despite very clear signals that the simple act of making up their
  mind to discard future evidence is what shows that my commentary on
  their lack of thinking skills is _precisely_ to the point.

  If they were _not_ complete morons, they would figure out that the
  way to change somebody else's mind is to provide them with some
  evidence contrary to their current beliefs, but since they do not
  themselves change their mind in the face of contrary evidence, this
  fantastically simple idea never enters their dysfunctional brain,
  thus proving me right.  One would have thought that the slightest
  bit of intelligence at work would be able to predict the result, but
  for some bizarre reason, the idiots who feel the urge to go postal
  never acquire the ability to predict behavior that even _dogs_ have.
  Let's make a wild guess and assume that you thought something along
  these lines: "If I post this phenomenally uninteresting drivel and
  direct followups to misc.misc, _then_ I will surely avoid being
  attacked for behaving like a moron, because that's the smartest
  thing I can possibly do."  Am I getting close?

  Do you think computer programs can predict what is likely to happen
  in that scenario?  Just how un-advanced artificial intelligence does
  it take to out-predict Mario Frasca?  Not a helluva lot, buddy.

| unfortunately, the isTechnical still needs some work at, so I do
| need to perform it by hand.

  Amazingly, you managed to post something _intentionally_ devoid of
  technical contents while complaining about others.  That is pretty
  darn funny when you want to prove that you have _nothing_ worthwhile
  to say to a forum.  Congratulations are in order.

| I think the rest of the newsgroup will appreciate if we switch to
| private e-mail for our off topic rants.

  I think everyone would appreciate if you could just try and stop
  your off-topic bullshit and get back on track, whatever the hell
  that might have been.

  I agree with everything you say, but I would
  attack to death your right to say it.
				-- Tom Stoppard