Subject: Re: Allegro compilation warnings
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: 25 Oct 2000 00:13:28 +0000
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* Mario Frasca
| >  Did you intend to show me that you really had a working brain?
| no, I intended to stop this useless sequence of --- undefinable crap.

  What do _you_ call people who do something that even a smidgeon of
  applied intelligence would be able to predict would not cause what
  they "intended", but rather quite the opposite?

  And what's worse of some idiot who _lies_ about his intentions in
  order to cast himself as a good guy and some _real_ moron who fails
  to predict the obvious results of his actions?
  The sad but funny part is that you _would_ have stopped my "useless
  sequence of undefinable crap" by showing me that you had a working
  brain, but you are quite right: You did _not_ intend to show me that
  you have.  Hence your _escalating_ idiocy, showing me that you are
  about as intelligent as a boxer (take your pick in dogs or brutes).

  The only thing that could cause me _not_ to regard you as an idiot
  is _counter-evidence_, not some retarded displays of anger on your
  part.  The question is not whether you like to have your behavior
  described as idiotic, but what you do once it happens.  If you go on
  behaving like an idiot, well, duh.  If you get smart and put the
  label to shame, I'm to blame, instead.  You _choose_ the former.

  And _really_, if you don't like insults, stop using them yourself!
  It is _really_ idiotic to think you can blame me for your behavior.

| Erik, I was just trying to avoid all of us your useless sequel of
| personal insults.

  _Really?_  And now you are arguing that you have not yet figured out
  exactly what causes them?  What am I supposed to think about you?

| I really wonder why you need to do so.

  No need to wonder.  You already know everything you need to know.
  Just start to _think_.  Just start to behave rationally in the face
  of something you do not like, such as being called an idiot because
  you behave like one or the legacy code you also fail to understand.

  The more you choose to "fight back", the worse you're going to lose.
  The more you choose to think and respond rationally, the more you're
  going to win.  If you _want_ to be branded a moron and you _want_
  that to stick to your name for a _long_ time, do fight back!  If you
  resent being called a moron, do something that will cause that label
  _not_ to apply to you.  This is what applied intelligence is about.

| I was asking for some specific help while working on this badly
| setup software, and you did manage to give some useful technical
| help, for which I still thank you.

  Funny way of thanking me, or is _your_ behavior acceptable in your
  world when you suddenly have moralistic urgings?  You see, it is
  obvious from your behavior that you think you can blame me for it.
  That is really what ticks me off when it comes to blathering idiots,
  and it is, incidentally and interestingly, the same moronic attitude
  problem that keeps the peace in the Middle East from having a chance.

| but you also called me braindead and moron, and you called the
| person who developed the software I inherited 'a neanderthal'.

  And now that you have been called these things, you do your very
  best to prove them right.  Why do you do that?  Are you unable to
  get _yourself_ out of thinking you are an idiot because some random
  stranger on the Net called attention to your idiotic behavior?

| apart from the fact that you don't know either of us, what is the
| use of the insult in first place?

  You know the answer to this one.  You engage in insults yourself,
  towards someone you don't know, but you make the idiotic pretense of
  thinking you know them and have figured people out.  All I want you
  to do is to stop playing the sedated moron and crank up whatever is
  left in that brain cavity of yours.  You probably aren't quite the
  moron you enjoy playing so much here, but unless you quit playing
  that role, who will ever find out?  That you're an enraged little
  shit who doesn't know how to pull himself together is certainly a
  very important piece of your personality, but there's more to it,
  I'm sure, even though your initial reactions to things you don't
  understand is to be irritated by them.  People who react like that
  to their working conditions should _not_ be programmers.

| It doesn't help me doing my job better, but if it helps you, well,
| I'm sorry for you.

  Oh, I'm _so_ glad you feel warm and cozy enough with me to come up
  this close and try to hug me and all that wonderful emotional crap,
  but _could_ you try to keep some personal distance, please?

  It has been obvious for a while that you cannot listen to anyone who
  does not rub you the right way, and I'm here to ensure that you grow
  up and manage to listen to any available information, especially
  that which rubs you the wrong way.  I don't like little fucks like
  you who whine and get irrationally irritated at things you ought to
  take a rational, calm approach to, but I still helped you out, did I
  not?  What is the response I get but _more_ irrational whining from
  the little fuck?  Cut the crap and get the point, you dimwit!

| that was in fact not a good thing.  the reason for doing so was: I
| don't like being called an idiot in public and not even have the
| right to answer before the same public.

  You have another option: Don't behave like an idiot when others have
  had good _reason_ to call you an idiot because of your behavior.

  You don't have to play the macho little fuck who "answers before the
  same public".  That's so cave man, neanderthal-like behavior, and it
  is quite astonishingly unnecessary.  You just behave like an adult
  human being, fix whatever you think caused the criticism (you _do_
  have pretty solid clues, already), and decide that your ego is not
  so easily bruised that you have to go ape and want revenge and such.

| by the way, do you mean that most of your posts are not
| intentionally devoid of technical contents?

  Funny guy.  Try again, be a smart-ass a better way than this.

| to close this discussion, I hope you allow me to use your words...
| they sounded offensive to me, but I'm sure it was just an impression.

  To use my words, you need to understand what they were intended to
  communicate.  You don't.  You're just using the words to play a
  sickeningly moronic "mirror game" where you think you can just use
  words without meaning back at someone.  That's such a disgustingly
  _non-thinking_ behavior you out to be reprimanded for it.

  What did you come here to discuss, Mario Frasca?  Your personal
  inability to deal with criticism of your behavior?  Or did you come
  here to get help with your attitude problem and get over that urge
  to express your irritation when you could be a rational human being?
  Or did you in fact seek help from people whom it would be a _very_
  good idea not to insult _while_ you're asking for it?

  I agree with everything you say, but I would
  attack to death your right to say it.
				-- Tom Stoppard