Subject: Re: corba or sockets?
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: 2000/11/04
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* Jon S Anthony <>
| That kind of position is simply irrational.

  I'd like to know what I have done to you to force you into that
  corner where all you can do is respond as if your worst-case
  scenarios for why people hold the opinions they do _must_ be true,
  without any room for doubt or alternatives.  If I have not done
  anything to you to force you into such a position, could you please
  get yourself out of that self-defensive corner and try to deal with
  people as if they aren't dangerous to you?  If you choose to spend
  your time defending yourself, I will take no part in it.

  What would happen if this discussion should prove that CORBA was a
  bad move for you?  What would happen if this discussion should prove
  that CORBA would have been a good choice for me?  Nothing, in either
  case, unless we decided _not_ to act on the new knowledge.  _That_
  would be illoyal to your employers.  Until then, acting out of fear
  that you might be proven wrong is what _is_ irrational.

  What _is_ clear to me now is that you have zero respect for other
  people and differing opinions regardless of how they arrived at
  them, but I attribute this to your need to engage in self-defense,
  which must be external to the discussion, so I'd just like you to be
  able to _listen_ to what people are telling you before you respond
  to them.  Until you have listened, there's no point in reading what
  you say in response, because I don't know what you respond to.

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