Subject: Re: ACL 6.0 Trial Edition ships with non ANSI reader behavior.
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: 2000/11/08
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* John Foderaro <>
| As appalling as you may find it, we can say that it works.

  And you will listen to nobody else.  *sigh*

| We aren't trying to support both modes at once inside a single lisp.

  Nobody asks you to.

| Let's face it, you know which mode you want to develop in.

  Yeah, let's face it: You don't _know_, because the _code_ does not
  contain information as to that choice, but you can _guess_ and you
  can _remember_.

| It's so easy to write code that works in both modes that you can
| straddle the fence for a long time.

  Sure it's easy, and the code is even conforming, but it is still a
  change from common idiomatic expression.  Can't you at least be
  honest enough to admit to the _fact_ that you need a coding standard
  that differs from plain ANSI Common Lisp?

  Why do you have to pretend that what you do is not changing
  anything?  First this lie ("virtual machine") about what the reader
  does, then the lie about old conforming code that works just fine,
  and now this lie that there is no effort to change the programmer's
  coding conventions, either.

  I just want you to be honest about what you're doing, John.  That
  would have saved you a lot of distrust and loss of goodwill.

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