Subject: Re: the naggum-mine claims another victim
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: 02 Dec 2000 01:25:47 +0000
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* (Sashank)
| C'mon, Erik, this is a cheap shot.  Deeply moralistic, undereducated
| folks of many faiths and many nationalities justify violence with
| self-righteousness.  The problem is not unique to the United States.

  It isn't the violence by the few, it is the acceptance by the many.
  What I find truly astonishing is that people who seem to harbor the
  kinds of religious fervor towards incivility that some of those nuts
  harbor against abortion are equally willing to dispense with ethics
  and do just about anything when morally outraged and justified enough.

| Be careful about generalizing based on the few yahoos you see through
| your local media source.

  Thanks, but I suggest you also be careful about generalizing from the
  unwarranted assumption that people elsewhere in the world do not track
  U.S. politics very, very closely.  Not only do I work for a news
  agency with numerous other news feeds that my system processes, I have
  worked with newspapers and the news media basically forever and it's
  the only industry I own stock in.  E.g., I probably know more about
  the most recent U.S. election than 98% of Americans do, which is not a
  feat in itself, mind you.

| Having just returned from three months in Europe, I can acknowledge
| the truth of many of the stereotypes of Americans.  It's pretty
| depressing to be back here in many ways.

  Just be glad you aren't returning from the U.S. to Norway.  You don't
  even _know_ depressing until you've tried that a few times.

  "When you are having a bad day and it seems like everybody is trying
   to piss you off, remember that it takes 42 muscles to produce a
   frown, but only 4 muscles to work the trigger of a good sniper rifle."
								-- Unknown