Subject: Re: the naggum-mine claims another victim
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: 2000/12/03
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* "Coby Beck" <>
| The real problem, is that Erik, by his own profession, is attacking
| this same freedom you are defending.  His expressed motive is to drive
| people out and/or make it so painful for them to express their
| opinions that they stop.  How does this promote freedom of expression?

  This is an interesting case of your amazingly moronic "opinion" being
  an instance of what should not be allowed to pass without severe and
  harsh criticism for being manipulative, instigatory, and much worse
  than false: it's malicious slander.  Great fucking example, Cody Beck!

  Your first mistake is to misrepresent my expressed motive, you stupid
  liar.  Lies are not protected by freedom of expression.  I cannot say
  that you are child molestor and hope to get away with it, nor should I.

  _You_ are a people-person, and I'm not.  If you have to _restate_ my
  expressed motive, at least engage the puny little excuse for a brain
  that people-oriented people possess enough to recognize that some
  people are _not_ people-oriented, indeed are extremely hostile to any
  such accusation.  Putting people first is the primary idiocy that we
  must to overcome to achieve a technical forum, indeed any technical
  progress at all.

  My _actually_ expressed motive, not the Coby Beck rewrite, is to drive
  _stupidity_ out and make it so painful to act stupidly that people
  stop being stupid.  That someone can be so amazingly retarded as to
  confuse people with stupidity is not my problem, and Coby Beck can go
  to hell as far as I'm concerned for being that retarded.  He's made
  the same moronic mistake and false accusation previously, and it does
  not help to tell him anything, so he's probably _unable_ to adapt to
  facts and situations he does not already agree with.  He also believes
  whatever he wants to believe about me and feels much freer than he
  should to post his incredibly stupid "opinions" about something he
  only _feels_ is true.  It is precisely that kind of moronic behavior
  that should be stopped.  Unfortunately, Coby Beck is the kind of
  person who is unwilling to change his behavior but rather continues to
  defend it because he has felt hurt by the fact that he never was right
  in his false accusations and moronic rewrites of other people's ideas.
  Such people should be punished every time they repeat their mistakes.

  It is downright _pathetic_ how Coby Beck implicitly argues for the
  value of stupidity, of moronic misrepresentations of facts, of false
  answers to technical questions, of idiotic and inflammatory "opinions"
  like trolls, etc.  That is what he welcomes to comp.lang.lisp, and if
  he could drive me out in favor of people of his intellectual level, he
  would feel a lot better here, free to fail to exercise his brain as he
  would then be, like the people he implicitly invites.

  I want a technically stimulating forum.  When push comes to shove,
  that is what most other people want here, too.  However, USENET is a
  virtual _magnet_ for idiots and opinionated air-heads, the kinds of
  people that Coby Beck welcomes.  These are people who _don't_ pull
  themselves together and _don't_ drop their stupidity when they see
  that it is not welcome, because they, like Coby Beck, think they have
  a God-given right to be stupid and still be respected and treated
  well.  But we don't treat guests well who take a piss in the living
  room, not even if they are someone's pets.  People who are interesting
  to talk with get up and _leave_ if the group rewards stupidity, but we
  live in a culture that defends, promotes, idolizes, and rewards the
  stupid and unintelligent.  How could it possibly work to sell any
  products at all by insulting people's intelligence with the kind of
  stupefyingly moronic advertising that fill bill-boards, broadcast
  media, etc, if people were not willing to accept that stupidity must
  be tolerated and indeed rewarded?  Microsoft is multi-billion-dollar
  empire _built_ on the stupidity of people who bought their hype and
  their lies.  Every grain of disgust for liars and stupidity in the
  market costs that company a billion dollars in lost sales, just as
  every grain of admiration for frauds and crooks who manage to outsmart
  people with the operating intelligence of dogs earns them a billion.

  Most people accept stupidity and incompetence in every form they come
  across because they would rather be seen as easy-going and friendly
  than to get what they pay for and want.  But the really easy-going and
  friendly people are found where _competence_ is rewarded, stupidity is
  an accident to be ignored, and incompetence has a cause worth fixing.
  If you _actually_ care for the people around you, you don't allow them
  to be stupid, and if you _respect_ people, you are not afraid to have
  zero respect or tolerance for (some of) their actions.

  "When you are having a bad day and it seems like everybody is trying
   to piss you off, remember that it takes 42 muscles to produce a
   frown, but only 4 muscles to work the trigger of a good sniper rifle."
								-- Unknown