Subject: Re: NEWS FLASH : Naggum strikes again ! ( All beware his 20 cent popgun )
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: 10 Dec 2000 01:36:47 +0000
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* Marcus G. Daniels
| The idea that they are a part of some community with enforced
| conformance to one guy's particular definition of intelligence strikes
| many as bizarre and cult-like.

  Yeah, that would be really creepy.  Where do you find such insanity?

  Oh, I'm sorry, it's your favorite fantasy about other people, whom you
  have made no effort whatsoever to understand beyond your own precepts,
  but as I keep telling those who work so hard to be outsiders by
  choice: You cannot understand anyone else through yourself alone.  It
  is not my fault that you have to think in cult-like terms.  It is not
  my problem that you feel that I'm _enforcing_ anything.  (I just hate
  it when lunatics give me powers I don't want.)  It is not for me to
  ponder why you have reached the bizarre conclusion that there is a
  particular "definition of intelligence" at work.  Geez, dude, here I
  thought I was clear about my fight against _stupidity_, but one day
  you think it's _people_ I'm against, and the next it's _intelligence_
  that I'm f**king _enforcing_.  No wonder it's bizarre and cult-like to
  you!  You've turned into a raving lunatic with paranoid delusions!

  It must be really great to have such an easy escape from reality as
  you do, though.  I have to make do with a cat I deeply love who gets
  really sick and nearly dies were it not for exceptionally caring and
  competent veterinarians, to be taken out of _my_ daily routine and the
  dreary reality of two-month record rainfalls in Oslo and other random
  sadness like maybe Dumbya winning Florida, and that just sucks so hard.

  A fantasy world like yours with easy and ridiculously funny two-
  dimensional pop-up enemies who form bizarre and cult-like communities
  that you can be an outsider to is probably a lot easier than dealing
  with a real world with real people (and cats) and real causes behind
  real problems, such as your own inability to deal with what you see in
  preference to posting idiotic and condescending drivel about your own
  demented images of other people.

| As for me, like many, I don't have much time for Usenet.

  Yes, we have all noticed and I sympathize with your inability to post
  your _fantastic_ ridicule all day.  It could make literature, poetry,
  it could beat Xah Lee, if you worked all day at every snide remark
  instead of just a few hours.  Maybe you'd even fail to miss a target.

  Methinks you have lost it, Marcus.  You used to be able to post snide
  remarks with a sting.  This fantasy world cum nightmare cum enforced
  conformance to your prejudices betrays an outsider who is _really_ far
  out, beyond where the truth is.  I can't keep knocking your vileness
  and generally pathological negativity if you have really turned into a
  certified mental case, you know.  That would be mean.  Could you have
  somebody around you tell me you _aren't_ really just a raving lunatic
  with paranoid delusions about me and bizarre, cult-like communities
  you do not want to belong to?  (Not that people feel like _belonging_,
  either.  That would be much too _active_ a feeling.  All I want from
  people is a desire _not_ to be or remain outsiders, because people who
  are outsiders feel free to destroy that which they are outside.  They
  don't actually have to be "insiders" to remain moral and respect
  people and other people's time and property and such.  Outsider lunacy
  goes with insider lunacy, of course, so people who feel outside often
  have to invent groups of insiders, too.  It would all be much, much
  easier if people just dropped the feeling of "not belonging" and made
  a decision to respect other people as if there were a much greater
  community to which we _none_ were outsiders, like "humanity" or
  something soft and squishy like that, but we're humans, so we have to
  have small groups, some needing them smaller than others.)

  Or maybe you could just stop posting, not having that much time for
  Usenet and all, you know.  I'd be much relieved as it would be a sign
  of improved mental health on your part if you could find somebody else
  to prove that you're alive.  No more insane rants about bizarre cults,
  OK?  Keep it within reason, Marcus.  I don't want another Tom Breton
  with mythical Naggum Cliques and so strange ideas about optimization
  they need protection from the reality of his ways through kill-files.

  I'd prefer if you actually snapped out of whatever caused you to be
  such a disrespectful person to begin with, but that's just wishful
  thinking on my part, now, watching this last exchange of yours show
  that you really have not been talking about me at all this time, but
  some scary monster guy with powers to enforce scary definitions of
  intelligence.  Man, this is so sad.  Here I have actually been upset
  about your evil and never-ending snide remarks and your insidiously
  condescending attitude towards me, and it never was me you have been
  talking to, but some insane delusions completely devoid of reality.
  Get a grip, Marcus G. Daniels.  It's _mean_ to be insane and not tell
  people you work so hard to hurt as you have done.  Now, get lost.

  "When you are having a bad day and it seems like everybody is trying
   to piss you off, remember that it takes 42 muscles to produce a
   frown, but only 4 muscles to work the trigger of a good sniper rifle."
								-- Unknown