Subject: Re: the naggum-mine claims another victim
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: 12 Dec 2000 19:05:57 +0000
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* Marcus G. Daniels
| We'd have to know the number of lurkers and the makeup of the lurkers
| before we could say anything very meaningful about the effects of your
| reactions.  A Erik-filtered subset of self-selected individuals would
| explain a few new participants, but it doesn't tell us about who
| leaves before jumping in to the mix.

  We can perhaps use the data on how many rational and smart people
  leave when they see that a newsgroup is about the Marcus G. Daniels
  fan club ganging up on and beating a noted and long-term contributor
  to death for weeks and months and years on end because they don't like
  some part of his style.

  _I_ get mail from Lispers world-wide, too, and while I think referring
  to personal mail is indecent in a public forum, I can relate that some
  don't post because they are afraid to be pegged as "members of the
  Naggum fan club" by such fucking evil-doers as _your_ fan club simply
  because they happen to enjoy how I help them use and understand Common
  Lisp.  I thrive on eyes that shine up with that sign of understanding
  that you see in bright children who have struggled to figure out some
  hard problem.  Nothing give me more personal pleasure than to make a
  difficult connection that simplifies something, be it for myself or
  someone else.  I don't know what you thrive on, but I have a guess:
  Vanquishing that sign of intelligence and enjoyment of one's ability
  to master problems.  Many people of just-above-average intelligence
  think high intelligence is phenomenally scary.

  Example: is a fantastic display of morons throwing rocks
  at people they hate simply because they are more intelligent than the
  stupid stone-throwers, and that really doesn't take a lot, does it?
  Some of those rock-throwing morons are just as periodic and persistent
  as our local Marcus G. Danielses.  All over the media, we find people
  who are scared shitless of letting "experts" make decisions, probably
  because they cannot follow their reasoning, and who spend all their
  energy on denouncing experts as such.  You, Marcus, make so many
  stupid simplifications and retarded short-circuited conclusions that
  all you have left is a moronic complaint that I say some "utterly
  misguided and wrong" things sometimes.  Let me guess: You are so
  _average_ in intelligence and intellectual powers that you would't
  even know it if you did, or you never have any ideas advanced and
  complex enough that _anybody_ would disagree with you, hence you think
  having different ideas than yourself is relevant to judging people's
  thinking ability.  Well, moron, you're wrong.

  I really hope nobody here believe for a minute that I would keep going
  and help people and discuss and promote Common Lisp with all sorts of
  people, even those who have been stupid and evil in the past, if _all_
  I met in this forum were the likes of you and your fan club, Marcus G.
  Daniels.  You're a cost that I have simply become used to, like taxes.
  To see a bright person understand something means suffering a Raffael
  Cavallaro.  To solve a really hard problem costs an Israel Thomas.  To
  explain something that involves difficult prioritation and scheduling
  of resources costs a Tom Breton.  To point out that somebody has made
  up his mind that something is complex because he doesn't think in the
  right terms costs five snide remarks from Marcus G. Daniels.  I still
  make a windfall profit, emotionally, from seeing people understand.
  It's like caring for a sick cat (or baby), who pukes and shits and
  urinates without control for several days (or years for the babies :)
  because you know you have a very loving companion when it's over.

  The morons who abuse this forum the way you condone, encourage, and
  instigate them to do are _irrelevant_ to how I feel at the end of the
  day if I get but a single e-mail or a followup saying that somebody
  understood something or solved a problem.  If the evil and stupidity
  in this world, and yours in particular mattered to me, personally, I
  cannot imagine how I would have the energy to keep going for so long.

  You, Marcus G. Daniels, are as irrelevant as a dog turd in a beautiful
  park on a sunny day.  That you follow me around and insist on stinking
  like hell is a fucking nuisance, to be forgotten like all other evil
  and stupidity in this world as soon as you go away.  That you don't
  quit betrays a level of destructiveness on your part that I really do
  hope you get shot and killed for some day, but only because it doesn't
  seem possible to clean up this park without the death of the dogs who
  has been trained to shit in it.

  You do not understand your own role, but you do not in fact contribute
  anything but hostility and destructiveness, and that means that your
  energy must come from a pure desire to destroy.  Nobody could keep
  going like you do and have on _constructive_ energy.  All that talk
  about "cults" also tells me that you are on a mission from a deity of
  limited powers and insight to destroy a competing religion.  So I boil
  you down to stupid envy of intelligence, combined with a thoroughly
  evil religious motivation to destroy what you covet and know you can
  never have: Enjoyment from understanding anything truly complex.

  "When you are having a bad day and it seems like everybody is trying
   to piss you off, remember that it takes 42 muscles to produce a
   frown, but only 4 muscles to work the trigger of a good sniper rifle."
								-- Unknown