Subject: Re: Trouble with labels
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: 12 Apr 2001 21:41:46 +0000
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* Barry Margolin
> The "* Barry Margolin" attribution style is unique to you, AFAIK.  You also
> add an extra space after the '>' quoting character.  These make your
> replies quite distinctive.

  Previously, it was the | instead of the > that annoyed you so much, and I
  fixed that for a number of reasong.  Now, it's the *, which has not been
  changed.  Several other people do that besides me.  Lots of people quote
  with a space after the >, so that's hardly unique, either.  I get the
  impression that unless I do everything exactly like you do, you will find
  _something_ wrong, and if I did it your way, you would fault me for that,
  too.  It looks like you're having a personal problem with me, regardless
  of what I actually _do_.  It's not like you're "after me" or anything
  like that, it's simply that it looks very much like you cannot even
  _avoid_ finding faults.  I find this very annoying.  I wish you would
  simply stop being so sensitive to what I do.  Just get over it, whatever
  it is, OK?

  I found no peace in solitude.
  I found no chaos in catastrophe.
			-- :wumpscut: